Taurus 2014 forecast horoscope (general, work, love, money, advice and vitality)

Taurus horoscope 2014: GENERAL

This year is in sight, a total deprogramming of some of your personal habits. This is which is perfect if you decide to change your way of life, but this can be unsettling if this is not your case. Indeed, there is still news to plan your activities. Data, guidelines, new strategies are the order of the day, and mobilizes your mental concentration more strongly than to ordinary. Your humility will be a major asset to adapt to these changes. Many of you will have beneficial intuitions for their future, trust in your own inspiration!

Taurus WORK 2014

You will put a point of honour to refine your work this year. Don't get swallowed by pseudo obligations if you change lanes, it easily could happen with zeal that you make! Whether you are looking to get a head start on the projects underway or at best assume the failures of the past, you progress efficiently. Your natural pride makes you more that usually to do well, to gain in efficiency, which many of you will be a call of destiny to enhance their knowledge. The influx of Jupiter encourage you to good use to you closer with your superiors. You have everything to gain despite the additional work that it gives you. The first three months of the year will be the most productive and fertile positive contacts.

Taurus LOVE 2014

Your sentimental life adds new questions this year. It is possible that you experience a sense of loss of landmarks that you are specifically evolve new needs and new designs of love. Indeed, you will be naturally inclined to change optical. Some of you will break with relationships that do not provide the leaven of internal change that matured internally; for others, your relationship will be at the centre of the transformations that now become indispensable to your true potential. It is by identifying the reasons for your reactions in the privacy that you will still learn how to best you know and especially to share things between your responsibility and that of the other. This will give you the means to avoid further friction, conflicts, misunderstandings of all kinds! If you are single now, you will have facilities to make the meetings, which open up new horizons, ways of thinking, new visions and concepts of the existence. Do not hesitate to go in this discovery and take advantage of new leisure to otherwise discover the joys of love! If you are already engaged in a life of couple, your partner will make things happen. You can find in this change, the opportunities for access to some of your dreams, that you stop infect already too long. The influx of Venus show you the best way to follow: that of the change in flexibility and tenderness.

Taurus MONEY 2014

Short-term financial issues go. However, you you look more readily on your fate and its material base in extrapolating through your imagination, future opportunities. Everything that is related to investments, retirement, real estate purchases, and anything in your home is directly related to your financial means; You will have facilities to secure these parts of your life, developing actions in the long term. Many of you will consider reducing secondary deemed spending to save more. All this happens at the mental level, you are going to meet circumstances at the end of the year that will encourage you to make expenditures for your loved ones, which will be related to recreation.

Taurus ADVICE 2014

Jovian instances allied to those of the Sun and mercury encourage you to put you forward, more widely than usually in your relationships in all areas. It remains positive until you resist the temptation to add, don't get swallowed by this temptation, you may well make any gaffes! The influx of Jupiter grow you to acts of bravery that you think not to necessarily with realism. Made in kind of remedy or at least not reject the advice of those who hold to you, a Council is not a criticism... Returns you elevators, fate brings you relational facilities would be damage from neglect by excess of pride. March and Saturn give you capabilities exceed you, do it with a smile!

Taurus HEALTH 2014

You will tend to neglect your health this year, and you spend without worrying about the consequences of your energy expenditure. Without thinking very far, your need to increase muscular expenditure makes you sometimes too brutal efforts. Attention to the false movements, take back! The influx of Jupiter grow you towards goodies which certainly compensate your muscle expenses but which may promote water retention. It would be positive to purify your body with a rebalancing of your diet, and especially drinks that you absorb. Fast sugars worthless you in warm period. The last three months of the year are favorable to your bone system and joint pain mitigation. This is the time to move to intensive training if you are passionate about sport.

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