Scorpio 2014 forecast horoscope (general, work, love, money, advice and vitality)

Scorpio horoscope 2014: GENERAL

You strongly kick your destructive auto trends, this year. What will encourage you especially, this are the catches of consciousness that you have carried out especially since 2009. You to the majority of you covered well the way since then, and you are more than ever determined to advance still. Jupiter easier you until November... The trigone Neptune you see bluntly, without complacency but with realism some of your faults, these challenges you bring a dose of sometimes kamikaze audacity, take advantage by addressing your ambitions with panache.

Scorpio WORK 2014

The influx of Jupiter will allow you this year to continue your route with hard, if you are in the phase of launching new projects. Indeed, you may even find it difficult to relieve you of your work, here you are taken to the game of your ambitions, for many of you! Saturn reinforces these inputs allowing you more facilities to communicate with impact, and while both flexibility. Everything that touches the strategies is that he is more favoured for you this year. You will need to make an effort to you aerate the spirit of your professional considerations, if you want to go the distance. You have the means to get ambitious and realistic projects both if your current position does not match your aspirations. Bend you on the issue and find out. doors are, it would be enough to dare cross them...

Scorpio LOVE 2014

Your loves this year tend to become more complex and intense at the same time. Whatever your situation, you will experience strong emotions, particularly the first three months of the year. Many of you will experience the need to detach pleasures of Eros, to take back to see more clear in their true motives. But it is not counting on your bottom impulses which will cause intense alternating deductions and love excitement. Between optimism and unbridled rage to live and austere reflections, you play Russian roulette! The protection of Jupiter will you avoid too dangerous extremes, and is pleased, and you will feel rightly that there are lessons to be drawn from all this. You will take a significant shortcut if you remember that you have both need of passion and reason. Deny one of these two sections would that make you lose your time! The last three months of the year will be marked by very positive with respect help festivities, not dédaignez the invitations in this period. If you are launched in a relationship currently, you will need to take back in mid-year to refocus your individuality to your half with more harmony. Your partner may seem less present, less your listening, now is the time to consider more in friendly terms. Single Scorpion are known of intense passion moments followed by discounts in rough questions... A relative!

Scorpio MONEY 2014

Money, material goods of any kind will be the centre of attention, this year. You will be able to floor for hours in the best possible ways to win more, your efforts will be powerful, especially if you are part of the second decan of the Scorpion. The influx of Jupiter you promote a responsible attitude to material issues. This is the time to deal with the difficulties, if this is your case, and actively seek solutions. Everything that relates to banking is favored, don't hesitate to negotiate your interest! Your major asset is in you, which promotes the outbreaks of chance for money liquid in the short term. Difficult situations can find solutions, especially in the first half of the year.

Scorpio ADVICE 2014

What do you have to heal? Should what fundamental need you fill? Where are you wants the life lead you? These are the questions that are in yourself, this year, more strongly than ever. Anything else is looking you in the order of the things little by little you will find the answers to these substantive questions. You are a period hinge that will allow you to make the point in you, to better project your hopes, in total agreement with your personal sense of values. You are advised not to make the impasse on the memories that go back to the surface of your consciousness, they contains unexpected keys to open you to a better future. The challenge is to break destructive patterns to win in your possible expansion.

Scorpio HEALTH 2014

Your energy will be considerable at all levels this year. But it is mainly on the psychic plane that you regorgerez tone and creativity. Your sense of the strategy is bound to resort to turn full performance and whatever your current way of life, you will have the ways to engage you to go higher still. Stabilizes your metabolism nervous, you will be this year in the ideal period for both ask morally speaking and continue to move forward towards your goals. Your sensitivity is increased throughout the year, which can cause intense fatigue calls, after important phases of excitement, especially during the last quarter of the year. You need in the same period, of yourself through vitamins in addition to your current diet.

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