Pisces 2014 forecast horoscope (general, work, love, money, advice and vitality)

Pisces horoscope 2014: GENERAL

The climate of this year 2014 will uncover you news of the order as possible, likely to return to your life, and for many many of them will be quite novel. The influx of Uranus leaving your sign are strengthened by the influence of Saturn in a friend sign. Your inspiration door you into the unknown, new horizons, in all areas. This wind of change relates you to the diversity and qualify your old conceptions of life, judgments of values, and to more easily recognize some of your needs too often repressed in the past. Your deepening evolve in the right direction, kick the inertia!

Pisces WORK 2014

The presence of Saturn in your Sun trigone you inspired this year more that never conflicting needs of social recognition, a certain form of power and taken both need to drop, which is not easily reconcilable in the same period of time. You will be doing the extra effort of organization practice to meet your requirements and both your personal needs. The presence of Jupiter trigone to your sign leaves to predict a few disagreements, especially if you work in a team. It will be less obvious to find calm and serenity to a collective work, unless you are committed to much water in your wine, and your personal designs.

Pisces LOVE 2014

The astrological trends of this year 2014 you strongly aspire to live new experiences. The universality of love, the diversity of people you are, this complexity becomes fascinating and gives you wings to go to the front of innovations in a broad sense. You will you find confronted with circumstances which will allow you to better understand you yourself in your sensitivity and your emotional way. Your own reactions will be more revealing than ever of your aspirations. The influx of Saturn in your sign trigone reinforcing by intake of mercury in his race. What gives you more daring to evolve your sentimental performance. Say you more pose fewer problems, false convictions fly, you feel more legitimacy to your personal desires, which strengthens your powers of seduction. Will in effect, more natural and spontaneous, the success be easier! If you are currently in a relationship, you will have facilities to fully expose your aspirations, in the calm and serenity. And when even your partner is not quite of your opinion, you will be able without too much pain to understand, without nothing... What is more effective in the end! If you are in this single moment, meetings that you will during the first three months of the year will be high in emotions and sensuality. Are not stages of commitment and all will be well.

Pisces MONEY 2014

Your money will be related mainly to your work in the reality of the facts, as well as in your mind. You may miss energy you devote to financial transactions, mainly during the months of June and July 2014. On the other hand everything that is related to research is fostered; If you are looking to buy a House for example, you will have the best chance of making a positive investment at the beginning of the year. The influx of Jupiter combined with Saturn and addition to the Sun and mercury will allow you to have sometimes spectacular chance shots. You can leverage your creativity to increase your assets. Taking your time, at your pace, your ideas will be carrying highly positive opportunities. Measured audacity, creativity, external support, this is ideal to make the point and good start field.

Pisces ADVICE 2014

The trigone to Saturn and Jupiter make you feel an intense need to stand out you from other and vote social environment, as tired of dubious compromise, your absolutism urge you to rebel against any form of human injustice. It is the ideal period to demonstrate your creativity to light which may be in the arts, as well as in your profession or your love... Your attachment to the past will no longer be an obstacle to progress in view, your ambitions are more free, the chance argues you, now is the time to claim what is due to you. It will be necessary to measure your expression to those that you love because you can show you too steep in your emotional expression and thus you amaze do not receive the attention that you want. You must admit that this would be too much damage.

Pisces HEALTH 2014

Your form will overall be at a satisfactory level this year. You get the positive peaks especially between February and July. Indeed, the Saturn influx, coupled with those of Venus in aspect to your natal Sun make you go through phases of total recklessness followed by moments of discouragement and body fatigue. You can stabilize the wave you more resourceful through therapies related to water, and not simple entertainment and even basic. There is no shame to plunge into a film even if it is not distinguished by its subtlety! A few sensual excess will paradoxically positively promoting you and bring you a surprising tone. Too much austerity of the senses do worthless you, remember, to the wise...

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