Libra 2014 forecast horoscope (general, work, love, money, advice and vitality)

Libra horoscope 2014: GENERAL

You hold a harmonic Cape this year without significant difficulties. Indeed, the influx of Venus accentuate your perseverance in the right direction. Add to this the trigone of Uranus and you will find on your road to the fertile slopes to evolve towards more inner freedom. Which will you win in insurance and resources to mingle more closely with your entourage, in all areas. Returns in the past are to be considered to achieve this state of inner peace you are looking for. Forge covenants, clean up an old relationship, forgive... It's to move you exceed any ca to better forward!

Libra WORK 2014

Your social and professional life looks nice, which will increase until the end of the year. You take more moral retreat from your activities, so you can have a global vision more fair to your activities. This is very positive especially if you are in a profession technical, scientific or related to the public. The jousting that will come to you will show you some of your capacity you knowledge or which you did not even have you. Isolation will achieve you this year. If you need to focus to overcome a particular work, consider especially to collect external advice before start you. The last half of the year promote widely everything in terms of the commercial launch dissemination, legal starts.

Libra LOVE 2014

The stars go this year, you lead to a back on yourself and your spent literally or figuratively, through already experienced situations must now exceed without work around them. Choices, closed positions are essential to your balance. Your emotions tend to be plu high that usually you prompting even more to you that can really make your happiness. You will spontaneously to question to the deepness of your motivation and your most secret desires. It will be positive in the long term to this balance, but this can lead to the moments of pessimism, of withdrawal, particularly during the first three months of the year. These phases will be interspersed with other times tinged with festivities, wait for you trips, invitations that will be rich in new games and more, help you to become aware of the extent of your ideals, without obscure you the face. A tendency to dispersion can occur both opportunities are different from each other after the month of May. Indeed, you tempted goûter in new relationships that will take you out of the box. If you couple this year, you will put the soft pedal on the daily issues for better concentrate you on what is essential, the dialogue and its fluidity. If you are in this single moment, the meetings will not miss, now is the time to enjoy life.

Libra MONEY 2014

Is virtual money that goes this year, give you the most satisfaction and best chance potentials that are in your best interest. Indeed, you feel a need stronger than ordinarily have, to know that your money is safe. This need for savings associated itself to the fact that you will have more long teeth, more need to earn more money. your needs are changing, you are in a period of transition of your value system that long term you stoker money to commit in creations, works, commercial affairs which in turn will be small. The luck is with you in all that relates to new technologies and art. Don't count on you this year to make financial decisions.

Libra ADVICE 2014

Aspects of Pluto in your sign will allow you to illuminate the dark corners of your existence in the light of a mode of thinking that won in objectivity and radicalism to compensate for the fog. Policy, more assertive than to ordinary, they are now your the absolute principles that will guide you. Your actions are in power because they will be carried out in a wider and more lucid optical to the social realities of this world. The influx of Saturn went to Neptune help you think without outside influence, you collect with more acuity that you wish to deep for you. Your judgments and designs are clear, unequivocal, you tend to speak with precision without ambiguity. This period is ideal to assert your affectivity in the right direction.

Libra HEALTH 2014

The management of your energy will not be easy this year. Indeed, your impulsivity is increased, you will have trouble to you properly through your activities, which will not any rest, regardless of your current way of life. You have trouble stopping your impulses, but you have everything to gain if you try to plan more what you want to do, especially in terms of manual projects. The months of March, April and July propel you to favour all levels energy renewed. And especially your tone muscle and ligament which is favoured, it is the time or never start a sporting activity, to take care to eliminate toxins, to review your diet.

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