Leo 2014 forecast horoscope (general, work, love, money, advice and vitality)

Leo horoscope 2014: GENERAL

Neptune aspects continue to be felt this year. They allied themselves with those of Saturn and will raise your conscience catches highly fecund, if you accept fully, completely, despite the fact that at first, you will realize the magnitude of what to do to get some of your ideals. Your actions naturally tend to be more direct, biting, radical. So, you you require more in the eyes of your entourage, you have to make some effort to avoid gnashing of teeth and the AH! The sky of this year will help you finalize situations that began in 2009.

Leo WORK 2014

Your professional life will take place in a dynamic context. Indeed the trigone Neptune to Saturn in water will have a unique and paradoxical impact: lot of individual action in the fight against the slow pace of everything that affects the collective. Your stubbornness will be one of your major assets to achieve your ends. If you have a relational character profession, your self-confidence and your efficiency will be the guarantors of the confidence of your contacts. You will encounter resistance to your projects including if you want to start a new activity, those above are not negligible, and actually represent the first concrete markets of your success. Because if you consider it seriously, they transform into an instrument of success.

Leo LOVE 2014

You are going to live strong emotions in your sentimental life, this year. Indeed, several factors combine to make you live the roller coaster! Saturn in your sign aspect continues to rage and to arouse intense passion needs, fusion, absolute, particularly through your libido. These impulses demonstrate that since 2009, you had gone far too reasonable. You still more to find the balance point that really suits you. For those of you who are single, it is all or nothing; you effectively tighten your links or break suddenly. Stay between two waters may seem difficult, your desire for absolute may encourage you to see if the grass is greener elsewhere... Don't forget that your partner may be him also this same totalitarian thirst, before you take in a situation which is finally in the long term, do you worth nothing! There are many seduction and glamour in perspective, no doubt not that you can get for your purposes, provided only not you impose at all costs. Putting shades in your way, you aboutirez most likely still. If you are in this single moment, you will not miss to have success through meetings, which will be multiple. It is especially during the last five months of the year the chance you smiles to find a soul mate and able to fully live your ideals in love.

Leo MONEY 2014

Cash will be a different value than you usually give him this year. Indeed, more you need to have on you to reassure you. You do not confuse lack of confidence and real need... The influx of Saturn grow you to not always actually based impulses of purchases. Make happy, make you happy to tend to move to the foreground. Think about the consequences before start you! Those of you who are of the first decan may too draw on their savings. On the other hand, you will meet through discussions of catches of consciousness that will make you realize the real in your social life importance, do not rid you of excess, even if it is your good heart who speaks. You can find the balance point between these two trends and you will have avoided concerns for the future.

Leo ADVICE 2014

Neptune and Saturn in trigone this year will lead you to the capital choice that will incur you long term on all plans. You wear in germ the initiatives that you put in seed at the end of this year. Enjoy - to deepen what must be, plan your actions, mature commitment you want to take. The influx of Uranus you aspire to reveal the best of yourself to overcome the obstacles. It is in the sheer scale that you next year will be your ideas, you give the best of yourself. This year you will be extremely profitable if you agree to the net. This is the time to think out of your reserve, show your skills to your superiors. The "complex of the Builder" which characterizes you will be your strength!

Leo HEALTH 2014

Health issues will not your priority at all this year. Indeed, you spontaneously tendrez to not get to listen to your body signals, entire party in your mental considerations and especially fun in the broad sense, especially in the first half of the year. Your greatest weaknesses will be neglect food trends. Be sure to take your meal to calm to avoid stomach, which are common to the current planetary influences. Your muscle tone will not occur, you master more your spending in this sense. It is between July and November you will be in the best possible shape for endurance and long-term activities.

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