Cancer 2014 forecast horoscope (general, work, love, money, advice and vitality)

Cancer horoscope 2014: GENERAL

You will not affect the current climate that aspires the majority to escape from the daily... So immediately you will have difficulty to get your physical, social and professional concerns! They are also your relational commitments that will be your major concern. You have many opportunities to refine your links of a unique quality, by more intimacy and listening in reciprocity dialogue. The influx de Jupiter allied to those of the Sun will help you de ask stable bases in your most intimate ties, which will influence your social life, especially if you were born after 1946.

Cancer WORK 2014

Your professional ties will be the source of some satisfaction of own love for you this year. Indeed, the success comes knocking at your door. Those of you who had provided considerable efforts since the 2011 will be general recognition. If you were in unstable situation, you will encounter circumstances that you do access solid projects. You have the means to evolve your current situation, whatever it may be. The passage of Jupiter helps you benefit from reliable external support, alliances and partnerships are favored. Take advantage of the information coming to you to sustainably consolidate your projects. The last four months are more beneficial, especially for official implementations.

Cancer LOVE 2014

The world of feelings will resemble a hypnotic dance for you this year. You intend nonetheless too utopian ideas. Your feelings need a minimum of realism to be experienced in stability. You may also play the victim because of an "impossible" love, attitude showing a side small masochist to resolve absolutely if you truly want to find a position that leads you in the vitality. You will have difficulty set you reasonable limits in your in love with dialogues and to go too fast. Here is a mixture of dosing with finesse and insight. The influx of Jupiter encourage you to induce further new meetings or conditions conducive to discovery of new horizons and sentimental exchanges. You "copinez" more easily, your shyness is less strong than to ordinary! What is ideal if you are in a situation of choice to make; decide now is not indicated, but you will have facilities to better understand the ins and outs of your situation in order to have an overview of end of the year, much more precise. You will thus make informed choices. Do not hesitate to engage in intimate discussions, and reveal you at the same time. If you are in a relationship currently, this period will allow you to put your common projects forward and you shake the elbows to implement. Build your nest of love will bring you intense satisfaction!

Cancer MONEY 2014

You have, this year, of official, legal, support for anything in your financial life. Indeed, you will encounter situations which will help you open the door and you release brake, especially those you know since 2011. Your courage and your enhanced trust you is chance. What seemed you out of reach will become the first in the world of ideas. Take information you allow then to know specifically what to do and in what order to reach your goals. Many of you will have the opportunity to launch a commercial or artistic high-amplitude project! The last three months of the year to facilitate less money in the short term and administrative agreements that give you green lights to a project.

Cancer ADVICE 2014

Influences combined to Uranus and de Jupiter in your sign you place on crete de the current wave is to obtain recognition de your talents, efforts, skills and qualifications. This phenomenon can however of grow in excess of egotism as you are likely to be too sharp and authoritarian with your entourage. Your force can turn against you if you take enough of time of listening to your feelings and of your emotional. The influx de Jupiter you grow to act in de your ambitions while Venus leads you to more de control de your emotions. You to balance these trends in you effort de show your goodwill towards someone you love.

Cancer HEALTH 2014

Your vitality this year is at its best level of the past four years. Indeed you will; This will serve you to evolve towards the recognition that you want, and your ambitions, resolutely. It is feared however that you are more exposed to beatings of superficial Burns hot, etc... Avoid spicy foods and avoid questionable liquor! the second half will encourage you to laze, mental relaxation. Does not escape this trend, you need at the same time. The oligo elements, water-related therapies, massages will succeed you at best between July and October. It is in this period that you need to ensure to drink enough to rehydrate your body, which will tend to evacuate the water more easily.

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