Aries 2014 forecast horoscope (general, work, love, money, advice and vitality)

Aries horoscope 2014: GENERAL

This year 2014 will allow you to return to the clocks time and flexibility. The square of Jupiter in your Sun promotes highly energetic actions, in line with your deep needs, your policy of most personal life that is. You will have facilities to free you rights of way or external constraints, stating you with panache. Your decisions are without appeal and you will know argue in this sense, if you you give the penalty, smooth! It is time to act firmly, leave not taken to indecision, in the fires of the action that you will find the best satisfaction.

Aries WORK 2014

ou will have the chance to see to slow the pace of the most repetitive tasks that will you allow you to you focus more on the important things. More quiet around you is not luxury, compared to last year. This is the time to resume some work and go deep into the details. Continuation of your projects is facilitated, and the learning of new techniques and knowledge. The influx of Saturn facilitate exchanges with your superiors, this will give you the opportunity to stabilize your links in confidence. The period between May and July will be quieter in terms of activities, do not force the events in vain, enjoy to complete what is underway and depends only on you.

Aries LOVE 2014

Your sentimental sky barrier of thousand shades and new opportunities. Speckle of your felt inspires you in the right direction to energize your love, while lightness. Whatever your current situation, you spontaneously go add the fancy and the game in your most tender ties in your captivating attractions. You will have great facilities to new meetings to forge ties that even if they do not lead to a tender relationship, will bring you additional assets in the expression of your personality that will strengthen your fill of attraction. The gravity you know, delineated and if you are as a couple, this is really the time to hunt the routine and to bring a new wind in your relationship. Your partner will also be more open to dialogue than last year. External influences to your couple will take more important than usual, which can translate into more visits, invitations, in the broad sense of contacts that will have consequences you unveil your partner in a new light. Watch you your own jealousy... Take the opportunity to better understand his partner without hasty judgments. You can follow with confidence your need for change, as long as you do impose it not brutally. If you are currently single, the meetings that you will, especially in the second half, will emerge you pleasantly your habits. Let yourself be lead in the novelty, this can enrich your existence.

Aries MONEY 2014

Your material life is dependent on mainly external fluctuations to your entourage, this year. Indeed, you will have the feeling of well control cords of your award, this comes from the fact that it is those who affect you Pres that will give the tone of your spending, you are more easily influenced that of custom. Think twice if you are asked for money, your good heart may lead to financial discomfort and too put aside your own requirements and financial commitments. The influx of Jupiter does not encourage you to launch major purchases of financial affairs currently, and you will have reason to stay in expectation of this point of view, until October. The closures of debts, the current commitments are in the foreground, the rest will come later.

Aries ADVICE 2014

The transit of Jupiter with your Sun is likely to tempt you to be concise and direct. However, you tend to lack of tact in relational terms, especially in your intimacy, it will be necessary to make an effort of gentleness, tact and conciliation to pointing person. Saturn combined with Neptune continue to support your creativity, you can afford to have faith in your ideals and your projects if not to yield to discouragement caused by your impatience. they will give their fruit including in October for the most simple of them, you need to meet all the conditions to make them viable.

Aries HEALTH 2014

You go through the year 2014, you maintain a satisfactory level of energy. It will increase further during the last four months of the year in the meaning or you manage your efforts more efficiently than at the beginning of the year. Muscle long-term efforts are favored, you find facilities to you undo bad habits related to everything that is fast sugars, and mobilize your energy in stock. The passage of Saturn in Sagittarius rebalances your metabolism but in excess can get too reactive, irritable, nervous. The wounds of the ego are often superficial, relativisez... Not looking for perfection at all costs to avoid these inconveniences, save you a minimum for next year which promises to be eventful!

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