Aquarius 2014 forecast horoscope (general, work, love, money, advice and vitality)

Aquarius horoscope 2014: GENERAL

This is the heart, your emotional fiber which will be your best radar this year. Indeed, you spontaneously door to more listening to your felt to judge situations that usually, grow you to mental analysis. Which you opened the doors of success in your relational life meetings are promising and rewarding in all areas! Solitude earned you nothing, enjoy your openings to compose in harmony with your surroundings. Neptune inflows combined with Venus develop your creativity, but it is your motivation which will be the best motor that is.

Aquarius WORK 2014

Daily work looks fluid, this year, especially during the spring and fall months. This can go up to a certain boredom, even if you are not remains. Indeed, nothing is new does change the course of things, is the calm before the rush that happens then, over these two periods. You on the other hand the opportunity to sort among corridor noise that came to your ears last year, which will give you the opportunity to really know you can trust, or not at all among your employees. You can spend in the large household next year, actually announcing the color and the fact that you are not fooled by the intentions of these people openly and peacefully.

Aquarius LOVE 2014

The Astral vault of this year 2014 poses in your emotional life a two time climate. The first five months of the year are highly harmonic, regardless of your current situation. You will have more opportunities to bury the hatchet, pleasant compromise for everyone, and of establishing a climate of complicity better anchored again. And if your heart is free, there is very high probability that you find the soul mate, it is time to get out in the world, and especially extract you from your ivory tower! The virtual is not recommended you. Do not use you on personals sites, take back and return to the world of realities nearby. The following months will focus on personal questioned, adjustments to your partner to love in the broadest sense the external circumstances will tempt you to calibrate your objectives with this reality. If you are in a relationship during this period, it is expected substantive dialogues affecting your common projects and your respective conceptions of love. You will need to both make an effort of understanding to improve roughness that jump you in the eyes. For those of you you who are single, you are not from a stroke of lightning in late June and October, there are pleasures and satisfactions in perspective through a meeting affecting you in the heart.

Aquarius MONEY 2014

Property will be the youngest of your concerns during the first two months of the year. But after that, it will be quite the contrary! The influx of Mars and Saturn in your sign will give you of struggled. Clearly, you absolutely need to deal with your physical situation as it is, without detours or mitigating sails. Your lucidity will be your major asset for what should be. If you need to straighten the bar, you do not tergiverserez around solutions possible, so restrictive that they are in a first time; What want you to is to end by cleaning up things. At the level of the cash flow, you will be protected by the influx of Venus that will allow you to deal honourably with your most basic expenses.

Aquarius ADVICE 2014

The square of Saturn in your sign slowing your pace of life, and paradoxically, accelerates to morally and intellectual. Immersed in your retorts, you constantly to detect the essential in all things, more deeply to ordinary. You conduct reflections which will allow you to strip you of all that is unnecessary in your past, in particular affects emotional charges. In practical terms, this will result to clarify your thinking and make it more available to the future and all the countless possibilities. The relaxation you are less accessible than usual because of your mental excitement. You make the field at the professional level, avant-garde ideas are welcomed, but you need to beware of your trends to deny systematic to help!

Aquarius HEALTH 2014

The form is resolutely to the make you for the year 2014. However, this will happen in alternating with phases of brain fatigue. Aspects in March and Saturn can harm your emotional system and it is not excluded that you feel more irritable than to ordinary, especially during the last two months of the year. A cure of magnesium would be welcome! Immerse in art-related leisure and spend you more recreational activities you will recharge your batteries, do not hesitate to give you even this type of entertainment and especially to take a vacation. Release taken you will be extremely beneficial at all levels to then attack your project on the right foot. If you watch more consumption of fast sugars, you will gain energy, unlike what you can believe.

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