Capricorn 2014 forecast horoscope (general, work, love, money, advice and vitality)

Capricorn horoscope 2014: GENERAL

The devil effort and discipline, this year. Release that you will feel, in particular during the five months of the year you will be favourable to relational quality. You more readily turn you on your loved ones and their concerns, which in turn lets focus you on you even more simply and without create you complications. It is the ideal time to take vacation, make budgets, you take care of your family clan and escape the daily.

Capricorn WORK 2014

Your professional life is not your priority this year. Indeed, even if you are in the position of someone who works in an area that you are passionate about, you have compelling need to take mental distances from your activity. It will be ideal to leave this year, especially in spring. Your professional entourage seems you less inclined to consider the merits of the work to be done... If you are a leader, manager, you will have difficulty in maintaining a climate of serious! But in the reverse case, there is the relaxation in the air. Do not focus in major decisions in the professional field, this year. On the other hand, develop new projects, refine gradually is favored; Trust in your inspiration.

Capricorn LOVE 2014

Your love life is going this year, to renew, enrich, mainly due to the contribution of your partner, your friends of your meetings, more than yourself. Indeed, you can have the feeling of no control, and in fact, this is what happens... Everything depends on your angle of vision of the situation that you live. This can turn both positive and negative, depending on your state of mind. If you couple currently, your partner will more readily take the lead to propose activities, open dialogue, exposing his desires, show more clearly its real substantive personality. He or she will guide you to the best if you were hoping to give more, tighten your links, strengthen your relationship. Follow the clues without shading! The influx of Uranus can give you the feeling of being clumsy in your sentimental expression and the manifestation of your desires; You will lift these impressions that dampen you with strategies of games, giving the lightly following the famous tracks of your partner, without taking you seriously. If you are currently single, you make meetings to learn you well workings of love and its nuances until then unknown or neglected. You'll be glad to demonstrate openness and tolerance, because you at this price the opportunity to harvest essential to your development parts.

Capricorn MONEY 2014

The luck is with you in financial matters this year. For all that relates to the fruiting of property, investments, you are in a period lighthouse! In counterbalance to these trends, you will have in your family and intimate universe, impulses of generosity that can lead you to a certain imbalance in the short term, of your budget. The affect is directly related to your physical life. You both need to pleasure you may too systematically go through the money to do so. This is by cleaning up your sentimental life that you can avoid the worst! The only fault lies at this level. Another plan, you'll not miss not tricks to your money, your social position, the period is ideal for any real estate purchase, especially during the summer months.

Capricorn ADVICE 2014

Opposition to Jupiter to which you are subject this year will encourage you to take back your feelings, attachments, sense of values and affects all areas. This is foster your individuality and expression. However, you may backing away too you from those you love and so to settle misunderstandings of all kinds. The square to Uranus also encourages you to drop on all that is relative to the tensions, conflicts etc... What synthetic can cause you to "resign" from some of your obligations; you need to rebalance these trends to avoid you to isolate, thing that you know in the end, you is no good. Be sure to continue to express your commitment with heat, you can avoid future trouble.

Capricorn HEALTH 2014

Your energy tone is in the go help you from the beginning of the year for you to deal with external inputs that will not miss. You nevertheless do so don't forget the foundations of your balance, and especially refocus you regularly calm and solitude for yourself. A too give to others, you may be a kind of mental confusion which tends to scatter your energies unnecessarily. Your entourage will tend have too ask, that you do not show your faults so easily at this time. It would be positive to show healthy limits to avoid these trends. Your organization marks a trend to calcium loss in the first quarter of the year, it would be wise to compensate in your diet.

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